Joey Primiani is a designer, internet entrepreneur, inventor and digital media artist. Passionate and creative, his designs have been called “ingenious” by Fast Company, “charming ... incredibly unique” by Mashable, and “simple and brilliant” by TechCrunch. Named to Forbes list 2016's 30 Under 30 in the consumer technology category and Business Insider’s 25 Under 25 Hot Young Stars in Silicon Valley Tech, Primiani founded his first web development and design company at the age of 8.

A young leader in the field of user experience design, behavior design, gestural interfaces, Primiani has created many mobile and tablet applications as an intern at Google, Yahoo! and Revision3, where he focused on building beautiful, intuitive products that half a billion people use around the world on a daily basis at the age of 19.

As the creator and CEO of his second venture, Cortex, funded by i/o Ventures, Primiani created a patented technology for “content sharing application utilizing radially-distributed menus” that became the fastest growing sharing platform on Chrome, ultimately being acquired in 2012. A critic’s favorite, Cortex has been called “insanely fast and beautifully built” by Mashable.

In 2011, Primiani co-founded the company Backplane, a platform that allows like-minded people to connect across their shared interests. Funded by Lady Gaga, Eric Schmidt, Google Ventures, Troy Carter, Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, Founders Fund, Ron Conway SV Angel and more. He created Lady Gaga's official fan community website, Viewed by millions on a monthly basis, it is a place where fans can come together and share their artwork and stories, as inspired by Gaga.

Currently, he is the founder of the Palo Alto-based mobile startup studio Superfuture Labs, whose mission is to advance humanity through technology, art and design. Superfuture is the creator of the popular iOS and Android mobile apps such as LifeSketch, Kiwi and Spaces. Life is the latest product that is working on AI detection to see what one is doing like brushing teeth or eating then instantly matching people doing the same thing at the same time, creating shared live video experiences. Adhering to design principles that make the products both a tool and a toy — beautiful, simple, fun, playful and friendly.

He serves on the boards of the fashion technology company Studio XO, the IceBreak, Virtual Reality company Retinad VR, Collective Consciousness app Entangled and astronaut training facility Star Harbor Academy. He often lectures and writes about entrepreneurship and technology.

An advocate of transhumanism, the singularity, space exploration, commercial astronautics, STEAM Education, women in technology, arts and culture, fashion technology, sustainable living, animal welfare, human rights, effective altruism, artificial intelligence and intelligent clothing. Primiani studied at the University of Central Florida in Computer Science and Digital Media Human-Computer Interaction Design.


US 8869068 B2 - Content sharing application utilizing radial menus

“I imagine what the ideal future looks like, and build what is missing today. I create the world I would want to live in."